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Trade Marks Act 1999:
Filing Applications

The Trade Marks Act 1999 came into force on 15th September 2003. This Act provides for seventy four different forms of which sixteen form are for filing of a new trademark application...
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Trademark Searching:
How does it help

In the process of thinking of a name for a product, it is not uncommon to arrive at a long list of names which fit the concept that has been agreed upon...
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Keeping your Trademark Registrations alive
PiggyBank's renewal reminder service insures that your valued trademark is not lost due to non payment of renewal fees.
You will also receive the necessary official papers, all filled in, to be filed with the Registrar for renewal...
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Searching Indian Trademark databases
PiggyBank's Trademark Searching sofware makes trademark searching quick, efficient, easy and reliable. This software allows a fast search limiting the results to those trademarks that are similar alphabetically or phonetically...
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